A region's economy thrives or dives because of the people who choose to live there. That choice may be the happenstance of being born there and desiring to stay, or a more deliberate one of choosing to re-locate from somewhere else.

Monitoring change in the size and movement of population is an important barometer of well-being. Some of us monitor these changes as an insect might gauge the shifting sands, while most don't pay much attention. But the barometer is a good metaphor for population change, since it can presage more notable events, such as lackluster business attraction due to lack of workers.

Additional Census Data

Intercensal Estimates

After each census, the Census Bureau revisits the annual estimates to take into account differences between those estimates produced during the decade and the decennial census results.

2000s (Released September 2011)

1990s (Released April 17, 2002)


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